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With over 30 years of combined experience servicing the retail industry 3 Oak Publishing knows what it takes to service our customers.

We are a company that goes about business the old fashion way. Of course technology is great, but it is........ well, you know...

  • During office hours we actually have real people to answer the phones; these people will be happy to answer questions and OF COURSE take orders.
  • We strive to build your trust in us. While we realize this will take time, we also realize that people... when shown respect, will generally reciprocate such trust.
  • We ship 100%, no backorders or drop ships, everything we sell ships from our location.
  • When we make a mistake, (nobody is perfect) we will fix it quickly, fairly and with a smile.
  • We cannot guarantee our programs will sell in every store, however we can guarantee we will gladly accept returns because we understand that having our programs in stores that cannot sell the products benefits no one. So please feel free to try any or all of our programs...We guarantee your efforts and confidence will be appreciated and that we will give a full refund to any retailer that pays their invoices on time. See... we don't even have any “small print”.